Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

Our Team Fortress 2 team:




  • degu

    Ondřej N.

    Playing comp TF2 in Sons of Destiny as medic in 6v6 and 4v4. I play TF2 for 3 years, competitive for about half year.  My favorite classes are medic and scout.  ...Read More

  • dias.

    Matúš D.

    PLAYING SCOUT FOR THIS TEAM^^     Playing competetive Team Fortress 2 in teams Sons of Destiny and Bureau of Military science Im playing in 6v6 , 4v4 and highlander (9v9) formats Im playing TF2 around a 2 year.   My main classes are Scout and Pyro.  HL : Pyro - D2/3 6v6 : Scout - D4/5 4v4 : Scout - Silver (highest in eu) More

  • quent

    Zdenek V.

    Team Fortress 2 playin around 3-4 years. Im playing 6v6, 4v4. My main class is roaming soldier, I play it about 4 seasons. I played in teams division 5 - 4+. More

  • bendtools

    Václav Š.

    sons of destiny sucks dick...Read More

  • Aladin

    Aleš Teichman

    I play pocket Soldier for the Sons of Destiny 6v6 TF2 team. I started playing competitive TF2 almost 3 years ago and have 4 seasons of 6v6 and 3 seasons of Highlander under my belt. Recently returned from a year-long hiatus. I've always gravitated to the 6v6 cookie cutter classes so Soldier, Demoman, Scout, and Medic are my favorites to play as....Read More